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Your gifts—large or small—have an immense impact on health care in our communities. Patients, physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers—you’ve helped each of them with your generosity.



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“Donors were instrumental in getting us PPE, making sure we were safe so we can continue to do our job. And in terms of equipment, these COVID patients are much sicker and they require a lot more resources. So any assistance that donors give us makes doing our job easier and it makes the outcomes for the patients better because we have access to the equipment that they need.

In the first wave, our ICU was hit very hard with COVID … and, you know, we're very tired. We're exhausted. But everyone's still showing up, we're still doing our best, and when we get support from the community and we see the thank yous, it really gives us that extra boost to continue on. We're tired, but we're still here,”


- Ashley Tarasco-Oliver, Registered Nurse, Brampton Civic Intensive Care Unit.

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“What I want donors to understand is that their gifts, their generosity means so much for our ability to fight this pandemic, more than they’ll perhaps ever know. There are so many needs that go with managing COVID-19. Your donation is not only going to buy high-profile things like ventilators, but there are so many other things that are required that donors may not even realize we need, like iPads for virtual visitation. If we could grow five more arms, and each of those arms be a donor, think of how much further our reach would be.”


- Dr. Sergio Borgia, Corporate Chief, Infectious Diseases and Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control

"In March, COVID-19 changed life for all of us—almost overnight. For me, it’s when I began the fight of my life.”

Osler’s Health Care Heroes are still here for you and your family—today and tomorrow.

Thanks to you - our community and our champions - we raised $109 million.

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